TSL experience has cumulatively saved our customers over 100 million dollars!

TSL consists of two highly-technical successful business partners who have over 50 years of IT experience collectively.  That number is astonishing when you consider that we have seen almost every type of situation imaginable within many organizations whether nationwide or global.  We have had visibility to all technologies, business units, and operating areas within organizations. We are pioneers in bringing IT to the table and ensuring that accountability and alignment are continuous topics of discussion.

Our approach is simple, we know how to quickly assess a company’s IT environment from every perspective.  We operate at an accelerated pace and present ourselves in a polished manner.  We are a small, boutique operation that has a global outreach.  


We briefly mentioned on our homepage how we are leaps and bounds ahead of the enemy. Our strategic technology and best practices protects those accountable.  Most board members and C-level executives don’t even realize that they are accountable for ensuring that there is an appropriate standard of cybersecurity resilience.

We are experts in aligning businesses as to prevent the ever-changing risks relating to cybersecurity. Our reach includes proactive cybersecurity strategies, cybersecurity insurance guidance & best practices, ransomware negotiations, as well as remediation if you have experienced a breach.

Consistent and Available Technology

Have you ever worked for a company that had the capability to work from wherever you are in the world, allowing for you to be 100% productive and secure at the same time?

Not only did our clients not miss a beat when Covid hit, their data remains 100% protected.  Our strategic planning and execution ensured that our clients simply needed to inform their employees that they could work from home during the pandemic.  TSL enables companies to continue to thrive and be productive without risk from anywhere around the globe.

CIO as a Service

Being in IT leadership positions for decades, we quickly assess where deficiencies exist within an organization. Knowing how to protect and where to save our clients money has become second nature to us.

If you feel confident that all things “IT” are operating as intended, we provide auditing capabilities to ensure what you are being told by your staff is accurate.

Our firm offers strategic CIO Our firm offers strategic CIO services at the consultant or retainer level from our CIO that has over 25 years of IT leadership experience.  Need advice on a small, one-off or monumental project?  We’ve got you covered.

  • Cybersecurity Strategies & Processes
  • Cybersecurity Education
  • Cybersecurity Ransomware Negotiations
  • CIO leadership
  • Remote access capabilities (work from home)
  • IT Governance
  • IT Auditing
  • Data loss prevention
  • Creating & managing global teams
  • Vendor management cost savings
  • Executive management & Board communications
  • Data center management
  • Steering committees
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
Technical Services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Network security
  • Zero and thin client networks
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Penetration testing
  • Data Center migrations
  • Computer forensics & data retrieval
  • VMWARE & Microsoft virtual environment implementations
  • Microsoft Windows network architecture
  • Mobile device management solutions (BYOD)
  • Data replication
  • VOIP phone system implementations
  • Intranet sites
  • Website design