Our Team

Greg Berkin, Partner

Greg has over 25 years in the technical profession with 20 of those years providing unparalleled managerial results.  He specializes in building high-performing global IT teams, integrating technology with management and board members to ensure alignment and accountability. 

Greg enjoys spending time with his wife (high-school sweetheart) and children while being at his cabin where he rides dirt bikes, fishes, camps, as well as tends to his wildlife and nature sanctuary.

Aaron Kneppar, Partner

Aaron has 25 years working in network technologies.  He has managed infrastructure and infrastructure teams for most of his career and has built a reputation for solving unsolvable problems.  Aaron has developed and engineered networks spanning the globe.

Aaron has spent his entire career on call.  When out of the office he treasures the moments spent with his wife and children.  With two school-age children, he is a proud scout leader in two units.  In between everything else, he can usually be found tinkering with either an old Jeep or a newer tractor.