Newsletter no.5

Tech Strategy Leaders LLC Extends Security Portfolio to Bring Cofense Phishing Detection and Response Solutions to the North American Region

Charlotte North Carolina, September 22, 2021: Tech Strategy Leaders LLC, experts in Cybersecurity and CIO as a service, today announced its partnership in the Cofense Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program. The mutually beneficial MSSP program complements Tech Strategy Leaders LLC’s expertise in delivering managed IT services to organizations who might not otherwise have the internal resources to sustain a successful phishing defense program. By partnering with Cofense, it further enables improved security and protection for businesses to efficiently address the top cause of security breaches caused by ransomware, BEC attacks, credential phishing and more.

Tech Strategy Leaders LLC’s has selected Cofense because they are the only phishing detection and response platform proven to reduce dwell time and stop active phishing attacks within minutes by harnessing the power of human insight and automation. Cofense combines the world’s largest crowdsourced human intelligence community with cloud-native email security using Computer Vision and artificial intelligence to immediately stop phishing attacks that no other technology vendors in the market can offer.

MSSPs have turned to Cofense as the premier phishing defense partner because Cofense helps reduce organizations’ #1 security problem – phishing attacks – which is still the most common way for breaches to begin. The automation built into their technology helps service providers to significantly reduce overhead costs while improving their operational efficiency in delivering and managing security for their customers. Partners can also leverage Cofense’s unique ‘Network Effect’. It allows partners to be part of Cofense’s wider community where they receive shared threat intel from organizations across the world in real-time, providing SOCs the ability to defend against the same threat, before they even see it.

We have been using their PhishMe product for over 3 years now in the field and they provide the perfect formula as it relates to their phishing program.  This partnership will allow for us to further educate and protect our current and potential customers from damaging phishing attacks with all of the products in Cofense’s Phishing Detection and Response suite.” – Greg Berkin, President & CEO of Tech Strategy Leaders LLC