Newsletter no.2


Having been in the IT industry for 25 years now I have mitigated disasters ranging from band-aided technologies to extremely bureaucratic and unnecessary processes. What’s evident to this day is that many organizations still have difficulty building high-performing teams. This personnel issue surfaces on a recurring basis. How can one be a (good) leader if they can’t build the right team for the job? I’ve been asking that same question for many years and unfortunately this mentality still runs rampant today.

Why is it so important to have a high-performing team?

For starters, a high-performing team wants to deliver positive results. They possess the desire to and are motivated to succeed. They want to win! The relationship between the departmental leader and the team is reciprocal. This means that as the state of the team progresses and gains credibility within organizations, all team members grow to become better and stronger participants. While winning won’t necessarily pay the bills, going to the office to work with a team that appreciates each other is priceless. Remember that your team can be thought of as a second family with each member taking care of each other.

Tech Strategy Leaders excels at building high-performing teams!

We at Tech Strategy Leaders have spent the last 25 years reshaping, reforming, redesigning teams and technologies so that they evolve into high-performing units. For us, this is the first step when engaging with an organization. Bringing harmony to a team creates an environment where the rest of the work comes with less effort and is more efficient While we can’t give away our secrets on how to build an ideal team, I can tell you from experience that some of the decisions of who is best suited to be where within a department are difficult to make, but the end objective is strategic and that’s what Tech Strategy Leaders excels at!

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